Star One Fast Food Franchise


The Star One restaurant’s franchise provides a chance to run your own business without being alone. You will be supported by the system, in the areas of operations, training, advertising, and marketing.

The objective is to two bring together parties

One, who has the property and willingness to run a ‘Young & Modern’ Fast Food but does not have a name or know how to set up and operate a fast food centre.

Second, a concern which has the technical know — how, brand image, willingness to invest and back supply network to set up and facilitate the running of a successful Fast Food Centre.
To be eligible for Star One Fast Food Franchise you need:-

Self owned or rented space Between 600 to 1000 sq. ft. located on ground floor in commercial shopping area.
The franchisee should be personally involved in the running of the outlet.
The franchisee shall be responsible for providing flooring and air- condition with 100% power backup.
You should be resident of the place where you need the franchise.
Capacity to invest *Rs.18 lakhs to Rs.35 lakhs as per city.
Locational advantage with big parking lot.

Franchise Offer

Full franchisee and staff training program

Ongoing operational support.
Regular mystery shoppers audits.
Marketing and promotion.
Central purchasing and distribution.
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Franchise Advantages
Our reputed Brand name
Technical know how
Kitchen designing
Our most secret recipes
Our special herbal family recipe spices (without profit)
All packing materials (without profit)

Yes, we will have an inspector who will be regularly inspecting your outlet to see whether the food is being made according to the recipes given by us, hygiene standards are being maintained, the complaint book is being maintained and observations made by our inspector shall be periodically discussed with you for improving the same.


Group advertising and marketing

A franchise system gives you the benefit of being part of a larger organization and increasing credibility in the consumer’s mind. Star One Fast Food will take care of the national advertising, allowing the business to increase its exposure to the target market in a more cost effective manner.

The Store Design: The Star One Fast Food outlet has been designed to give the valued customers a very comfortable dining experience. It has been designed on international standards. Star One Fast Food provides its franchisees complete know how on all the aspects of a restaurant.


More answer related to franchisees

Who are we looking for?
Individuals who would like to be a part of the biggest and the fastest growing Star One (Veg.) Fast Food franchise.

The desired candidate need not be having any experience in the food industry. He should, however, be willing to accept the challenges of the hospitality industry, have owned or rented real estate and the required investment. A person with passion and desire to grow ahead of the times is what we want to team up with....

What kind of Franchise is this?
This will be an intra city franchise (within the city), granted for a geographical region comprising of a particular area of a city. (Master franchise will be granted for the complete city or region).

Will it be Exclusive?
This franchise will give you the rights to open one store within a specified period without granting any exclusivity (In the case of a master franchise, the master franchisee has the right to open mutually decided number of stores within a stipulated period of time, either themselves or by sub franchising).

The company can, but will not, unless it seems essential, based on your performance or on your request, to give up a part or whole of the area to another. (In the case of a master franchise, the company will not appoint another franchisee).

What is the structure of the franchise fee?

Refundable Deposit:
Metro Cities in India- Rs.3.60 Lakh.
A Grade Cities in India- Rs.2.61 Lakh.
B & C Grade Cities in India- Rs. 2.16 Lakh.
  [Please contact for country other than India]

Franchise fees:
Metro Cities in India- Rs.3 Lakh p.a.
A Grade Cities in India – Rs.2.10 Lakh p.a.
B & C Grade Cities in India – Rs.1.60 Lakh p.a.
  [Please contact for country other than India]

What would be the approximate set up cost?
Star one food court counter: Rs. 18 lakh to Rs. 35 Lakh* as per city (area 265 sq ft to 300 sq ft). The typical investment in a store would include: architectural design, civil, plumbing, equipments, interiors, furniture and fixtures, signage’s, menu boards, & training.
[* Please contact for country other than India]

What would be my return on investment & payback period?
Return on investment is dependant on site location and the capability to manage and run your own business according to the specified Standard Operating Procedures. The payback period should be around 2 years, depending on the sales.

Who will be provided training?
Yourself and your initial team will be provided a 2 week training course in all functions of the business, free of cost.

What about Purchasing?
Appropriate product specifications and a list of approved products will be provided, and where possible local suppliers and vendors will be identified evaluated and commissioned.

Who will decide the menu pricing and the sales promotion?
Star one fast food will decide all menu pricing, menu items and sales strategy.

[*Note: Contact for investment details for country other than India]